SquiggleSearch throws a curve into your everyday word search, and takes it beyond the next level. It twists and winds the words in the letter grid, then adds multiple game modes, difficulty levels, and additional challenges that unlock as you play. Choose your word list from over 150 categories covering a wide variety of topics. There is even a classic word search mode as well!

From casual searching to racing the clock, everyone of all ages and skill levels will enjoy playing SquiggleSearch!

Different Modes of Play

SquiggleSearch comes with two modes of gameplay, each with two difficulty levels. Relax with some casual play, or try the timed mode for additional challenge.

Multiple Word Lists

Explore over 150 subcategories of words to choose from in categories like Academics, Geography, Mythology, and more!

Unlock New Challenges

As you play and finish puzzles, new difficulty levels and new modes of play become available to challenge you further.

Includes Classic Word Search

For those times where only a word search will do, it is included in SquiggleSearch. As an added bonus, it contains the same game mode, difficulty and progression features as SquiggleSearch games do.

Customize your Game

Customize your grid with a selection of line styles and colors, and a collection of letter styles. You can even turn the game audio off or on with a single tap.

Made for Everyone on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Made for everyone, from young to young at heart, with no ads and no in-app purchases, your App Store purchase works on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Additional Features

  • Grids are randomly generated, so you have a different game every time you play
  • Grid size and number of words to find adjust based on difficulty level
  • Quick help is available in-game
  • Grid zoom and pan
  • Your game is automatically saved whenever you go to another app or lock your screen, so you can resume right where you left off at a later time