What devices are supported?

Our products support all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices that are capable of running iOS 8 or better.

On iPhone, supported devices are the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, and the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus.

On iPad, every iPad made is supported, except the first generation iPad. Split screen mode on the iPad Pro is not supported, SquiggleSearch will always run full screen.

On iPod Touch, 5th generation or newer is supported. These would be the generations with the screen the same size as the iPhone 5.

How do I unlock new game modes in SquiggleSearch?

To unlock new difficulty levels and game modes, you have to complete letter grids. In this context, "complete" means locating all the words in the grid, and in timed mode, before time runs out. Note that each unlock only occurs within the game mode you are playing.

For example, if you have just completed a Timed Casual SquiggleSearch game when you are told you unlocked a new feature, the unlock will only occur in Timed Casual SquiggleSearch, and not in Casual SquiggleSearch or any of the Word Search games. They have to be unlocked separately.

Does SquiggleSearch collect or send Endiessa any personal information about me?

Absolutely not. The only information SquiggleSearch tracks is the games you have won, lost and resigned, so it can track your progress and unlock new features. It does not collect any other information, nor does it send anything from your device to Endiessa.

Are there ads or in-app purchases in SquiggleSearch?

Absolutely not. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases in SquiggleSearch, and never will be. When you purchase the game, you have all the content on your device, waiting to be discovered. No annoying ads to wait through, and no concerns of having to pay extra for additional features or content.